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St. Michael's House (


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Down Syndrome Ireland (


Catholic Youth Care (


Disability Federation of Ireland (


Comhairle (



Ahead (


Enable Ireland (


The Equality Authority (



National Disability Authority (



European Year of People with Disabilities (


Special Olympics (


Workway (


Scoilnet (


NCTE (National Centre for Technology in Education -


Information for Living (


Children's Rights Alliance (


IWA (Irish Wheelchair Association -





FAS Regional - contact details: (


CIL (Centre for Independent Living -



Forum of People with Disabilities (



People with Disabilities in Ireland (



Mental Health Ireland (



Disability Federation of Ireland (



National Federation of Voluntary Bodies (



National Council for the Blind of Ireland (



Irish Deaf Society (



National Association for Deaf People (



Irish, The Online Directory (



Vantastic (



Institute for Design and Disability National College for Art and Design (



Disability Focus Group (




Government Websites Portal to all Irish Government websites (

Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (

The Revenue Commissioners (

Department of Environment and Local Government (

Department of Education and Science (

Department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation (

Department of Finance (


DICE (Disability Information and Communication Exchange - Informative about present understandings and developments with regard to the employment, education, accommodation, advocacy, and health rights of persons with disabilities in Australia.


TASH (The International Assoc. for Persons with Severe Handicaps - Recognised as one of the great advocacy organisations in the world, the TASH web site is likely to interest parents, policy analysts, and persons with an interest in advocating through legislation. The site also contains a discussion board where parents and professionals can communicate with one another about mutual concerns.


European Association of Inclusion International ( . In addition to listing the aims and aspirations of this association this site provides a link to the ILSMH EA Information Line - a very useful service for persons interested in developments at a European level. However some information is restricted to members.


First Steps to Freedom ( National UK charity offering help, advice and support to those suffering from stress, related disorders such as phobia, panic attacks and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. An information resource more orientated to mental health issues as distinct from mental handicap issues.


Mental Health Foundation, Great Britain ( Very informative web site with a number of sections quite strong on provision in support of persons with learning disabilities in the UK. Since October 1998 the learning disability sector of the Foundation has been relaunched as "The Foundation for People With Learning Disabilities".


I.A.S.S.I.D (International Assoc. for the Scientific Study of Intell. Disability - Likely to be of particular interest to professionals, academics and researchers. In addition to telling us more about this highly respected International Association, this web site introduces some of the IASSID's special interest research groups (which members are free to join) and provides a link to the world renowned Journal of Intellectual Disability Research.

Health Service Journal ( Online version of this UK weekly magazine, plus lots of useful links to other healthcare management and policy-related sites. This web site includes HSJ 1000, a user-friendly search engine that searches the content of 1000 health-related sites carefully chosen for their relevance to UK based health-care professionals.

Family Village ( A global community of disability-related resources A global resource that integrates information, resources, and communication opportunities on the Internet for persons with learning and other disabilities, their families, and those that provide them with services and support. It includes informational resources on specific diagnoses, communication connections, adaptive products and technology,adaptive recreational activities, education, worship, health issues, disability-related media and literature, and much, much more!

Endeavour Foundation ( Supporting people with Intellectual disability in the Community An Australian resource that looks to the holistic needs of persons with intellectual disabilities, their families and staff / professionals working in this field. Packed with useful information it is likely to benefit parents, carers, social policy makers and service providers.

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