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By making a single donation you will be helping people who have a learning disability to live their lives the way they want.

We hold a passionate belief that people with a learning disability should have equal rights and chances in society.

The National Federation supports people with a learning disability every day to develop skills, gain confidence, become actively involved in their communities and take part in the activities that really interest them.


Tax Deductions

Support us: The National Federation Of Arch Clubs can claim back the tax paid on donations of €254 or more in any one year by individuals on PAYE, Self Assessment or Corporate Tax. (The 2001 Finance Bill)

PAYE: If you are a PAYE donor, tax refunds will be calculated at 42%, 20% or a combination of both depending which rate is applicable. That means if you pay tax at the higher rate of 42%, a donation of €254 could be worth €360 to the Arch Federation and a rate of 22%, a donation of €254 could be worth €317 to the Arch Federation.

Self Assessment: If you are a Self employed donor who submits your tax form yourself you can therefore deduct the donation of to the Arch Federation €254 from their taxable income, reducing your tax bill by €106.

Corporation: Corporations who donate €254 to their favourite charity will receive a receipt, from the Federation and can use this to claim a deduction for the donation as if it were a trading expense. To that end, the corporate tax bill is reduced by 20% of the amount given. Donations are cumulative, so a standing order of just €21.50 a month will bring you over the annual threshold (e.g. January - December). At the end of the year, we will send you the appropriate form and a Freepost envelope, which we need you to send back to Head Office: 74 Meadow Grove, Dublin 16, in order for us to claim back the tax.


Trust & Foundation

You can help us. If you are a trustee or have links with a trust or a foundation.

What can you do? Trusts can give in a number of ways. Either to support a specific project, or service.

Or let us make the decision where we can use the money where it is most needed or where it will make the most positive difference. Should you choose to support us, we’ll make sure that your money makes a huge difference to the ability of our service and maximise our potential to deliver it. We will also keep you informed and up-dated about the difference your support to us is making.



Making A Lasting Difference
We would like you to consider leaving a gift to The National Federation Of Arch Clubs.

So we can continue our work Enhancing and enriching the lives of people with a learning disability and their families.

Working towards providing choices, Opportunities and respect for all with a learning disability.


Latest News & Announcements 2017


Laois Arch Club is a very vibrant active club which caters for between 70-80 members at our monthly disco in The Heritage Hotel Portlaoise. Every year we bring a group of approximately 40 of our members for a weekend away and we also bring some of our members on a day trip.

This year our day trip was to Dublin Zoo. The excitement was catching as we headed off in June and we all had a wonderful day exploring all the different areas and seeing all the animals in the zoo.

The high light of the day was definitely when we went to have lunch in the restaurant and some of our members spotted Gerry Creighton, Operations Manager, who appears on The Zoo TV Series on RTE. They couldn’t believe when he joined our table and chatted to us all about his work.....


This is Gerry with Melissa, his No 1 Fan!        

The rest of the group quickly stepped in to have their photo with Gerry too.


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